How to race in Germany.....?
  • winstonwinston February 2011
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    I've recently moved to Germany and am thinking of doing the odd race or two...

    Not sure what the best way of doing this is? should I continue to register with my national federation (British Cycling) and get an international license / dispensation letter, or should I apply to the German federation for a german license and join a German Club?

    Does anyone have experience of this?


  • winstonwinston April 2011
    Posts: 695
    I renewed my BC license at my UK correspondence address and have had it sent here I also asked for an authority to race in Germany letter, which I've also received.

    All seems good, but another letter comes with it reminding you to have adequate health / medical insurance (they assume travel insurance)...and that you should have an EHIC card...which doesn't cover everything...notably being flown home!..there is also an anti-doping reminder!