ADFC : Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club : German Cyclists’ Federation
  • winstonwinston February 2011
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    As opposed the BDR (Germany's racing federation) the ADFC is similar to the CTC in the UK and deals with:

    General cycling
    Theft prevention
    Cycling holidays
    Publishing Cycling maps

    The ADFC also offer third party liability insurance and legal advice to it's members as well as brokering theft insurance.

    Their site is in German only (another good reason to learn quickly). So any info from German-speakers or members of the ADFC would be much appreciated.


    Wikipedia (English):

    ADFC Berlin

  • winstonwinston February 2011
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    They just sent me this, which includes a link to the European Cyclist's Federation

    Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC)

    The ADFC is Germany's national cycling organisation and the leading (almost the only) pressure group for cycling. It has currently overall 130,000 members. It was founded in 1979 in Bremen where the national head office is still located. There is also a regional office in each of the 16 federal States and a local presence in 400 District Associations. The ADFC organize shops and information facilities in 60 towns in Germany, mostly run by volunteers. 

    The ADFC campaigns for both utility and leisure cycling. It focuses particularly on Urban Transport Planning, Bicycle Tourism and Transport Politics. It also campaigns in political and social areas as Environmental Protection, Cycle Conveyance on Public Transport, Cycle Theft Protection, Cycle Training for Adults and Consumer Issues. 

    The ADFC promotes innovative ideas and examples of good practice through publications, campaigns, at trade fairs, public events and discussions, through conferences and the cooperation with groups of experts. It also uses the media and different campaigns both to promote increased cycle usage and to highlight cities and regions where cycling facilities are exceptionally adequate or inadequate.

    The ADFC campaigns for the on-going development of cycling as a specific means of transport. Consequently it cooperates with all organizations and institutions who want to achieve greater levels of bicycle transport, bicycle safety and environmental protection in transport. The ADFC acts regarding to the political parties neutral but supports strongly specific transport politics when it is in the interests of cyclists. 

    As a cycling lobby the ADFC works at all political levels from the lobbying in the Town Hall of a local community to the administrative districts, from the federal state to the national government and the EU and the European Parliament. At the European level it is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). 

    The activities of the ADFC are only possible through the participation of 5,000 volunteers. They are supported by a small team of full time employees at national and federal state level. 

    The regular annual membership fee amounts to € 46,00 (reduced € 29,00), for families € 58,00 (reduced € 46,00).

    The services offered to members are:

    Receipt of the ADFC magazine “Radwelt” (six times a year)
    Legal aid and liability insurance coverage while travelling by bike, public transport or on foot (included in the membership fee)
    Economical cycle theft insurance
    Information brochures, leaflets and Internet based information on cycle related themes
    Tourist information for the travelling cyclist
    Assistance and advice from local groups
    Organized cycle tours
    Courses in cycle mechanics
    The main aim and the most real “service” of the ADFC is naturally the competently and enthusiastically representation of the interests of all cyclists.

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    ADFC Head Office 
    Post Box 10 77 47
    28077 Bremen
    Phone : +49 – 421 - 346 290
    Fax :   +49 – 421 - 346 2950
    Internet: (in German) (in English)