Best online bike shops in Germany
  • winstonwinston March 2011
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    I've only tried two, both had good prices and fast despatch:

    Touring type accessories here:

    Bikes and accessories here: H&S Bike Discount Got a really good price on MTB Schwalbe Marathons (E12.90)!!!!!

    Also, and contrary to the basis of this forum, On One / Planet X have just launched a German language site:

  • dan March 2011
    Posts: 12 - a well-organized mail order company where you can get almost everything (except fixed-gear specialities). Pretty fast, but sometimes a bit too expensive. and - two small online shops specialized on singlespeed and fixed gear. They also offer telephone and mail support.

    BTW, Globetrotter also has large stores. The Berlin store is at Rathaus Steglitz (25 min by bike from Mitte, S and U train stations 100 m near the store).
  • benedictbenedict March 2011
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    I've used Bike24 a couple of times - their site has good English translation.

    I also used HIBIKE but it took a while - I think maybe because I had to pay by bank transfer though.

  • winstonwinston April 2012
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    Can't sing  praises of 
    H&S Bike Discount   high enough, I got two complete transmissions from them recently (one mtb and one road)...for GREAT prices.... plus a pair of Shimano RS10 wheels have just arrived (E103 inc shipping), always good service and fast shipping for me......they also have the entire site translated into English.
  • January 2013
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    If you're into single/fixed bikes, have a look at this site out of Duesseldorf: It's fun site but a bit pricey, I think.

    H&S! I picked up some Winter Marathons there at an unbeatable price.