Bike Classifieds in Germany
  • benedictbenedict March 2011
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    Other than the obvious does anyone have any good suggestions for 2nd hand bicycle related purchases in Germany?

    Craigslist is pretty limited. 

    I recently discovered Kijiji which is I would say the equivalent to the German gumtree.

    The rennrad-news site seems to have a good flohmarkt section, but there must be others?
  • winstonwinston March 2011
    Posts: 690 doesn't appear to be as actively embraced by German sellers, at least that is my first impression.
  • winstonwinston March 2011
    Posts: 690
    "Tour" magazine is the equivalent of Cycling Weekly for classifieds...apparently
  • GeoffreyGeoffrey September 2012
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    This place can be worth perusal: