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  • sarahsarah September 2011
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    Hi everyone,
    I've just moved to Berlin [2nd day here, living on Stresemannstrasse] and am looking for work, bike related or other. Can anyone recommend where to look for work besides craigslist? My German is very basic at the moment which is obviously a hindrance.
    Also, i've re-built my bike this morning so am now looking for people to ride with, is there much of a meet-up for a ride thing going on? I'd like to meet some new people!
    And finally, can anyone recommend where to get a reasonably priced decent track pump?
    Thanks and say hi if you see me around [red track frame with deep silver rims]

  • winstonwinston September 2011
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    Sarah....hopefully someone here can help you out with contacts for work, a few of us ride together, plus there are other groups such as fahrtwind and peloton (roadies) fahrtwind have a thread on here, plus there's a translations thread which might help you with bike part words!

  • dan October 2011
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    Hi Sarah,
    the "Arbeitsagentur" (= agency for employment) maintains a huge database, you might want to search there.
    If you are lookingfor part-time jobs and accept more or less miserable payment, may be interesting for you.

    If you prefer bike-related work, probably newspaper deliveries in the early morning could be a job easy to find in the fall/winter months. Every year they need a lot of part-time employees. You don't need to speak German fluently for that, since chances are low to speak with one of the newspaper customers. Delivery times are between 3 and 6 o'clock in the morning...

    Another bike-related job is of course messenger work. Relatively easy to find in the winter months. Don't expect high earnings, but with the most messenger companies you can freely chose working times and have a lot of freedom.
  • benedictbenedict October 2011
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    Most bike shops sell track pumps here. I bought one for 15EUR when I arrived, but it's a bit crap and I'm want to get a better one, so you can have it if you want. 

    Jobswise my company is desperate for programmers / graphic designers.